Ernest Childers
Congressional Medal of Honor
Oliveto, Italy 1943

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Remarkable stories told for the first time by America’s most patriotic yet forgotten heroes of WWII—American Indians. American Indians have had the highest military enlistment rate of any minority group since WWI. Of the 42,000 who served in Vietnam, 90% volunteered.
First Warrior features dramatic, black and white photographs by Jeffery A. Mitchell. Engaging portraits that tell a visual story about the individual lives of each patriot. In the veteran’s voice, a told from the heart story recounts their experience during WWII.
Women veterans tell passionate stories of strong-willed determination to break tradition and serve their country. Three nurses tell heartfelt tales about caring for America’s wounded. Grace Thorpe recalls her military service in New Guinea and life growing up in the shadow of her famous father, Jim Thorpe. Mildred “Rexy” Rexroat recounts how she became a pilot in the WAASP, towing a practice target for anti-aircraft gunners.
Men, all combat veterans with moving stories of valor like Earnest Childers who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for unselfish courage. Comanche Charles Chibitty recounts the courageous teamwork by fourteen Comanche Code Talkers who landed on Utah beach during D-Day, then used their native language to confuse the Germans. Uplifting narratives such as Alex Mathews’ who found the true “…riches in life are water and friendship…” after his Bataan Death March experience.

Historical features include stories by several veterans who recall the oral stories told by grandparents and relatives who were victims of the inhumane mayhem committed during the Indian Wars. Cheyenne Raymond Brady discloses how his grandfather put his grandmother on a fleeing horse and to safety during the Sand Creek Massacre.
Informative biographies about famous American Indian leaders during the Indian Wars, together with their historic photographs, all tribal ancestors of First Warrior veterans are included.

A generation ago Bury My Heart at Wounded told the story of forgotten American Indian veterans from the Indian Wars. Now WWII American Indians who fought for the freedom of all Americans tell their stories.
Ending First Warrior is the story of Oliver Brown Wolf who liberated Jewish People from the German concentration camps. They had been imprisoned and killed for their religion. Without judgment, Oliver states: “my grandparents were nearly killed here in America at the Wounded Knee Massacre for wanting to practice the Ghost Dance, their religion. Where were their liberators?”

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Jeffery A. Mitchell

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